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Welcome to the RiverYoga Community! 

For over 25 years River Yoga has encouraged and inspired our students to explore and discover their own unique paths toward whole health through yoga, meditation and breathwork


Join us as we explore and celebrate the ancient practice of yoga; providing a vehicle for self discovery,  joy and freedom.



About Us

Our Teachers

Our knowledgeable teachers and talented holistic therapists will assist and support you on your unique journey. Meet your full potential in one of our classes. Enjoy a private customized session or holistic treatment. And share a cup of tea!

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Liz Price-Kellogg, Owner

As I often remind my students, “When you practice yoga once a week it will change your mind. When you practice yoga twice a week it will change your body. When you practice every day it will change your life.” And so it did mine. The ancient science of yoga is transformative – life altering. Yoga practice went far beyond strengthening my body and calming my mind. Yoga awakened all of my senses. It challenged my perceptions and became a tool to cultivate deep awareness, compassion and connection with the world around me. Yoga has taught me that each breath is a new opportunity to begin again - to replace unhealthy habits with nourishing ones, and to listen to the true voice of my heart - and to practice that, on and off my mat.


For over two decades I have been a "caregiver" for River Yoga. It has been, and continues to be the greatest privilege to share the empowering teachings of yoga with our amazing community.  I am humbled and inspired every day by each one of our students' unique practices!

ERYT, Co-Author of For the Love of Food and Yoga, and Co-Founder of Live Yum.

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"I am extraordinarily lucky to teach, practice and learn at River Yoga! I love the practice of yoga; it makes me feel so alive with breath and strength of body and mind. To teach and help people find this joy for themselves is a gift!"


Kara Healy


In navigating the seas of life, I have found great peace in my yoga and meditation practice. I blend my knowledge of anatomy and energy to help cultivate proper alignment and balance in the body-mind, creating a safe and comfortable space for exploration and discovery. The foundation of my yoga training was, and is, inspired by our River Yoga Community and the mystical St. Lawrence River.



Lori Arnot


Delaney Aubertine

I started my yoga journey my senior year of high school with with River Yoga Teen program and I am ecstatic to now lead the program! I decided to get my 200 hour certification my sophomore year of college, and although it was a lot, it is one of the most rewarding decisions I've made to date. As a college student, I love working with my peers and teens, to introduce them to the experience that yoga offers. I have a passion for training with athletes as well as learning the anatomical effects of their sport, and I am always striving to discover new ways that yoga can serve them as individuals. I hope to bring the youth of our community together through yoga--whether it's for power classes or slower beginner classes.

RYT 200

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My greatest passion is painting.  I also love yoga and exotic cultures, so my classes are a blend of all three. I offer Mandala Workshops, an invitation to explore intention and promote change that is beneficial to each student's well-being. For more information visit my gallery in Clayton.


Christine Tisa


"Since 2000 I have studied a variety of approaches for creative expression and personal wellness for the achievement of self-exploration, stress reduction, and the regaining of personal power. These practices have included a Masters in Art Psychotherapy, Kundalini and Hatha Yoga teacher programs, and holistic lifestyle and addictions recovery coaching. My experience using art, yoga, and stress reduction methods in hospitals, with amputees, male and female veterans, and people living with cancer, dementia, and other challenging diagnoses has solidified my understanding of the power of the creative process and the importance of taking action in one's life.  My classes and private work builds on creating a life of Empowerment, Connection, and Joy.  I am honored to be a part of the River Yoga community."

John Muraco


“Three” has historically been viewed as a dynamic holy number. After dabbling with Yoga classes, I found myself advised by 3 separate wise humans (within a 24 hour span) to “try Yoga” for physical and spiritual healing. Hence - my initial connection with River Yoga in 2013. My journey has lead me through Yoga Teacher Training and multiple workshops since, as I cannot get enough of learning about Yoga - Yolk - Connection-Self Care! I am humbled and excited to learn and teach this wonder that is Yoga.


Sue Hoffman

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"Teaching is my life, yoga is my passion, but teaching yoga is the greatest pleasure.  Sharing my practice with others, helping them gain physical and mental strength, and finding peace in each breath gives me joy.  River Yoga has expanded my opportunities to explore all the avenues of yoga.  My teachings have allowed me to merge communities and unite us. Come find your Tapas!"


Erika Sherman

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"I am passionate about teaching yoga! I believe that yoga awakens our souls, calms our minds, and strengthens our bodies. My "yoga soul" was awakened here at River Yoga many years ago. I am honored to now give back this gift by teaching students in the River Yoga community."


Kelli Gould


"Yoga is a path to health, happiness and connection. I started my journey as a college student in New York and continued to practice as I moved across the country. I became an instructor in 2016, earning a RYT-200 Certification from True Self Yoga in Washington state with additional training in Yin and Kids Yoga. My favorite posture is half-moon because it requires balance, strength and patience - just like our lives. I welcome everyone to join me for fun and challenging classes that will provide opportunities to move your body and calm your mind." 

Leah Walldroff

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"An early interest in extraordinary states of consciousness, wellness, and the sacred interconnectedness of all things led me to begin exploring yoga late in my 17th year.  Today, at age 62, the exploration continues.  My approach to yoga is eclectic, but remains grounded in old-school Kripalu style."


 It is my privilege to join you where science and spirit intersect ~ Jai Bhagwan!

RN, MPS, C-IAYT, certified in Thai Yoga Massage & Dr. Andrew Weil's Anti-Inflammatory Diet

Beth Yazell


"I am an Integral Yoga instructor trained at Satchidananda Ashram in Buckingham, VA. I am also a classically trained Soprano and love to combine the healing power of yoga, chanting, and song."

RYT 200

Clancy Cox

Our Teachers
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